Premium Flavours

Three Layer Cakes has an extensive range of flavours, listed under classic and premium flavours, all available with a range of couverture chocolate ganache fillings. We also offer a range of ganache infusions to create a unique flavour for your special day.

Classic Fruit

This rich dense fruit cake will be sure to satisfy all the classic fruit lovers out there. This cake is soaked in Brandy for 6 weeks and to ensure the utmost decadence is then filled with a brandy infused white chocolate ganache.

Chocolate Marble

A delicious swirl of vanilla with our rich chocolate mud. Ask to have a filling of crushed Tim Tam ganache for a yummy cookies and cream treat.

Caramel Swirl

Vanilla cake with a delicious caramel swirled through for an indulgent touch. Team with dark chocolate ganache for a classic flavour combination. Our second most popular flavour.

Lemon and Lime

A perfect summer cake, this amazingly moist cake is just melt in your mouth with a white chocolate ganache.

Red Velvet

Super popular, this cake creates a lovely surprise when the cake is cut to reveal a deep red colour underneath. Perfect with a white chocolate ganache this cake has a lovely light cocoa flavour.


Our rich chocolate mud cake with a zing of orange. For those who remember rolling them down the aisles.