Cupcake Flavours

Cupcake flavours available are as follows...

Chocolate Mud 

Rich, moist, decadent, our most popular flavour.


A delicious light vanilla cake with a lovely dense crumb..

White Chocolate

A lighter cake, suitable for children and adults who prefer a lighter option. Delicious with a passionfruit and white chocolate ganache.


A classic!

Orange and Almond

Love Citrus? You won’t believe how moist this cake is. This cake has the lovely texture of a fresh friand.

Red Velvet

Super popular,  with a deep red colour and light cocoa flavour it is just perfect with a white chocolate ganache this cake has a lovely light cocoa flavour.


A moist classic cake, but a perfect variety in summer.

Almond Praline

A moist lighter option for those who love almond. Also with a friand texture. Yummy.